Privacy Policy

Date of last effective update: August 24, 2016


Welcome to the privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) of the website located at (hereinafter referred as the “Site”), operated by Satispot LLC (“Satispot”, and also ‘us’, ‘its’, ‘ours’ and/or ‘we’), and which shall heretofore rule any and all collection, process, storage and disclosure of personally identifiable information (hereinafter, “PII”) regarding the access and use of the Site and our products and services.

As used herein, the terms ‘you’, ‘your’, and/or ‘yourself’ refer to you, a user/visitor/browser of our Site, whether registered under an account or not. By accessing and/or using our Site and our services, you are therefore acknowledging and agreeing to be bound by and under this Policy, which constitutes a legally binding legal agreement between you and us.

This Policy does not apply to any third-party websites, services or applications that you may access through our services.

Information collected

Satispot collects user PII when a user / visitor participates in one of Satispot’s surveys undertook through the Site. We will then store the input given by the user (e.g. feedback rating, comment). For example, Satispot may collect, store and then process PII from your browser, such as your IP address, browser type, operating system, view port and language. By using the Site, you are giving Satispot permission to use and store such PII in the form and manner consistent with this Privacy Policy.

The information collected is only available to users with access to their Satispot account with their username and password. None of the information collected is made available publicly. Part pf the information within the Satispot account is exportable as Microsoft Excel format. It is the responsibility of the Satispot account holder to handle these exports with care.

Information disclosure

Satispot may disclose certain anonymized data to authorized third parties, in the form of non-personally identifying aggregated data and statistics. For example, Satispot may disclose a combined outline of the number of feedback items per specific category or question, but not the specific users, items or categories. Since this form of anonymized data does not particularly identify our users, such recipient authorized third parties will not be able to contact you or any other user utilizing or relying on this data. Thus, any and all PII that we may collect may be utilized in aggregate database and in other analogous manners to further optimize and improve our Site and services. Satispot will not directly identify any individual user while collecting and processing such PII, and shall only employ such PII for the Site’s administration, direction and safekeeping, its product’s and service’s research and analysis, along with marketing and promotional actions.

Information access

If you have an active opened account with us, you can freely access, edit and rectify the PII disclosed by you to us. Upon the chance that you would prefer to terminate your account, you may then send us a written request and we will undertake reasonable commercial efforts to implement your request. After your account is deactivated, you will not be able to access your PII.


Our Site and service collects PII about our users using cookies. A cookie is a piece of text data that a website stores on a visitor’s computer, and that such visitor’s Internet browser delivers to such generating website each time the visitor comes back. Satispot uses cookies to help its employees and agents identify and track users and to the Site, their use of our products and services, and their browsing and access choices. Most Internet browsers accept cookies by default, and you can instruct your browser to refuse them or to prompt you to accept or reject them, usually in the settings section.

Information safeguard

Satispot undertakes managerial, technical and software safeguards intended to protect your PII from unauthorized access. Please be advised, however, that despite these measures, no safeguard or security measures are infallible, and that no method of data communication can be fully assured from unauthorized use or interception. Upon the event that your PII is or results endangered as a result of a breach of security, we will inform you, as required by applicable law.

Amendments to this Policy

Any PII processed or subject by Satispot shall be treated under the then-current version of this Policy at the time such PII is collected. Satispot reserves the right to amend, revise, modify and edit this Policy from time to time. Any important changes to this policy will be notified to you via the Site either, by posting them on the Site or though other contact means, and we will duly indicate the date such changes enter into force. We recommend you to revise the Site and the Policy regularly for any updates thereon. Your simple use of this Site after any amendment to the Policy thereby indicates your express acknowledging of such changes.

If you have any comments or queries regarding this Privacy Policy or any matters contained thereon or on the Site, please contact us.