Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected some frequently asked questions for you:


Satispot is an automatic & comprehensive Voice Of Customer platform which collects efficient and accurate feedback from your site visitors, really fast, without the need to create questions, translate them and set the complex rules for when to show them and to who – we’ve spent years of research to build a platform which does all of that out-of-the-box without the need to spend expensive resources.

Satispot runs several feedback surveys in parallel in all your site pages, so you can get actionable insight very fast – faster then any other tool exist today in the market. You only choose which type of feedback you’d like to get (For example, feedback on technical issues, website usability feedback, funnel related feedback, Net Promoter Score, and much more).

After spending years in research on what are the best questions to ask, who to ask and when to ask, we are sure we’ve built a website feedback platform better than any platform out there.

Google Analytics shows you how users are interacting with your site, Satispot tells you why they are doing that.

No, you can’t control which specific question your users see, as we keep evolving and improving our platform by optimizing the questions on a daily basis to assure you get the maximum quality and highest response rates.

Having said that, you are able to choose the categories in which you’d like to get feedback on, for example you can choose to get feedback on technical issues, feedback on the content quality, demographic data n your visitors, Net Promoter Score and much more.

Of course, you can define the amount of surveys each user see per session and in his lifetime. You can also set the percentage of users that will get any survey at all.

No, there are many available tools to do that. Our added value is to surface high value and actionable feedback that will help you improving your website conversion rates and customer satisfaction. You can later explore the topics in more depth using other common tools.

We don’t. You can customize the Satispot platform to your site in 2 layers:

  • First, when you sign up you choose the industry in which your website belong to. This will set the context for Satispot and will assure your site uses the most optimized questions for your industry.
  • Second, you can define the special pages of your specific site to help Satispot run more accurately – For example, you can define what’s your cart page or your product registration page so we will know where to ask funnel specific questions.

Satispot loads asynchronously to assure there is no affect whatsoever on your website performance. The opposite is true – researches show that customers who are being asked for feedback during their session are more satisfied and tend to buy more.