Satispot real user insights resulting x3 ROI for

The Challenge is a unified platform which allows fans in a stadium to place orders from the nearby kiosks from the comfort of their stadium seat, and help stadiums increase revenues and fans satisfaction & loyalty by offering this added value service to all.

SeatServe is managing a website to market their solution to stadiums around the world. They are running large scale marketing activities that drive large amount of traffic from search engines and social media sites.

Seatserve suffered from a low conversion rates of people contacting their sales, and did not get any answers from their standard web analytics tool they were using. They were looking for an analytical tool that will help them get proactive feedbacks from their users, uncover funnel issues and increase their conversion rates.


The Solution

SeatServe chose as their Voice of Customer platform, helping them to uncover their real customer needs, funnel issues, customer satisfaction, measure their Net Promoter Score and to increase the ROI of their marketing activities.

As a global company, SeatServe needed a platform that runs efficiently on a website with high traffic & large-scale marketing activities, and collects feedback on multiple languages and on multiple feedback topics, all in real time.

One of the reasons to choose Satispot, was that unlike other feedback tools, Satispot’s machine learning algorithms asks relevant users the right questions at the right moment and generates valuable and actionable data in real time.

The Result

After just 2 weeks, with close to zero integration time, helped deliver significant increases in all measurement KPIs:

  • A 250% increase in leads collected from the website of potential customers.
  • A 150% increase in customer satisfaction from the website UX and content quality.
  • A 50% decrease in the amount of technical issues reported by customers.
  • A 70% increase in NPS score.

To date, has seen a 3x ROI on Satispot. This Metric will only increase as SeatServe continues to harness Satispot’s robust, real-time online feedback platform.