Automatic Voice Of Customer

A Significant News To The Feedback Industry

Voice of customer is a term meant to describe the in-depth process of capturing customer’s expectations. Many companies
around the world were established in order to enable different websites from different industries to get insights on
their customers expectations, and help them to better adjust their site to improve conversion rates, engagement and retention of their customers.

There are several ways to collect website feedback, the most common ways are email survey, and onsite survey.

The Email Survey is a traditional method on which the customer receives an email with a request to give a
feedback on the services he received in the website. Usually the response rates for those surveys are very low and
most of the users consider them as spam. Only very engaged users eventually agree to participate in those
survey’s, and in many cases, an incentive in being offered to the users.

Onsite Survey is a more sophisticated way to capture visitors feedback online. This happens at the same point a visitor is experiencing your site, so the correlation between the survey to his experience is strong. If created correctly, an onsite survey response rates are relatively high, and can increase visitors engagement and satisfaction from your site, as visitors feel they are being heard.

Usually, onsite surveys are relatively short and include no more than 2-3 questions.

In both ways, the site owner need to go through a deep process:

  • He first need to define what are the topics he wants to get feedback on.
  • Then, he needs to define the questions that best describe the issues that he wants to explore, and make sure they are translated to the right language.
  • Finally, he need to decide who is his target audience, should he appoint it to all his site visitors, new visitors only, returning visitors, only visitors coming from mobile, show only on certain pages, etc.

Such process isn’t an easy task and required marketing skills, and deep knowledge about the feedback industry, that usually not all site owners have.

Obviously, there are many solutions in the market, all aim to give an easy platform for collecting user feedback. But what if you don’t really know what are the topics you need to look for? What if you don’t really have the time or resources to generate one feedback form every time, and you want a super-fast understanding of what is wrong in your website and what your users believe you need to improve?

This is exactly where a solution of Automatic Voice Of Customer is getting into the picture.

So let’s better understand the definition of an Automatic Voice Of Customer platform like Satispot.

An Automatic Voice Of Customer is a method of generating dozens of onsite surveys automatically and present them to the right visitor at the right time based on the visitor’s behavior and his activity on the site. Automatic Voice Of Customer platforms also know how to gather the collected data and present it in a comprehensive way, to enable the site owner to take actions and improve his website.

So What are the great news about Automatic Voice Of Customer platform like Satispot?

  • You get a quick general inspection on your site – The problem with starting a Voice Of Customer program on your website is that you don’t really know what are the areas in the website that requires attention, so trying to guess by running several questions using traditional onsite surveys doesn’t help us. An Automatic Voice Of Customer platform like satispot enables you to run dozens of different questions in parallel to different visitors automatically and to quickly understand the areas you need to focus on.
  • Low operating cost – By doing it automatically, you don’t need to invest lots of expensive resources to start. Satispot Admin is simple and easy to understand. It enables you to easily focus on what you need to do, rather than finding the problematic areas on your site.
  • Enterprise scale reporting – Since there are many fixed questions, you can get an enhanced analytical tool which looks into aggregation of answers and present amazing insights, rather than looking at the answer of each question separately like the traditional onsite survey platforms.
  • Multilingual support – No need to translate each question to the desired language. With Satispot you get all surveys supported in any language. Visitors will see the surveys in the relevant language based on the browser language the visitor have chosen.
  • Speed – Since we are running dozens of different surveys in parallel, you will get the Voice Of Customer faster then any platform exist today in the market.
  • Adjusted to you – Satispot can be adjusted to your website – Different websites will get different surveys based on the industry they belong to, and based on some configurations available, such as important funnel pages (registration page, shopping cart, etc), level of survey exposure and more.

It’s important to mention that the traditional onsite feedback platforms are still relevant, and can used be as an manual way to analyze and dive into specific issues.

So, to summarize, here is the right way to build a solid Voice Of Customer program:


voice of customer program